Ashara/Urus 1439-H Registration

India Visa registration last date for Ashara/Urus is 30th April.Register only@ and follow instruction for further procedure.


Online Survey

Please help us improve further by participating in this 2 min Online Survey.


Cairo Misr Group - 25 Mar & April 2017 for 5 Days

Fayzehusayni Cairo MISR groups 5days in March/April 50000+350$ with option of Qarzan Hasanah option 34529035-40


Discounted Umrah Package


14 days PKR 60000+1200SAR

05 days PKR 55000+600SAR

tntv deprt 28Jan 2017

reg@ fayzehusayn...

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Hajj 1438H:

Last date for registration at for Haj 1438 is 28th Saffar ul Muzaffar (28th November 2016).

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India-Rajab/ Ramadan 1438H

Fayz-e-Husayni shall try for Rajab/Ramadan 1438H Visa. Registration starts on 04Nov at & ends on 20Dec. Please follow instructions on web. 


Yearly Ziarat Plan

Fayzehusayni.Ziarat groups for Karbala/Umrah every month+Ramzan with option of qarzan hasanan,reg cont  34529035-39


Registration for Hajj 1438H

Registration will start for Haj 1438 

At on

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Umrah 14 Days - 23 Nov - 8th & 23 Dec

Fayzehusayni 14 Days UMRAH 23 Nov , 8th & 23 Dec reg at PKR 65000 + Riyal 1600 with Qarzan Hasanh option. Cont 34529035-39


Karbala upcoming Groups

Fayzehusayni 9 Days KARBALA 27 Nov, 09 Dec & 24 Dec reg at PKR 53000 + US$400 with Qarzan Hasanh option. Cont 34529035-39


Fayze Husayni new portal launched

By the grace of Allah Taa'la and Aqa Moula (TUS), FH have launched a brand new online portal to facilitate mumineen of Pakistan to access their services more effectively.
Through this improved facility, mumineen will be a...

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