Fayz-e-Husayni Events

  • KUN 7 Days A Cat (Direct Flight) TENTATIVE 2-FEB-2020 KT-003
    KUN A Cat 9 Days (TENTATIVE) 16-Mar-20 KT-007
    KUN Visa Only (ON Arrival)
    Karbala Ramadan JAMEA/MOALLEMEEN 1441H. Tour:151
    Karbala Ramadan With Sham/Jordan 1441-H. Tour:154
    Karbala Ramadan Mumineen 1441H (Fayz Accomodation) Tour: 152
    Karbala Ramadan Mumineen 1441H (Hotel Accomodation) Tour:153
    Sham/Jordan- Only Visa
  • Umrah 13 Days (Tentative) 10 Feb 2020 UT-504
    Umrah 5 Days (Tentative) 10 Feb 2020 UT-503
    Umrah 05 Days (Tentative) 10 MAR 2020 UT-505
    Umrah 13 Days (Tentative) 10 MAR 2020 UT-506
    Umrah 13 Days (Tentative) 15 JAN 2020 UT-501
    Umrah 5 Days (Tentative) 15 JAN 2020 UT-502
  • Misr- Only Visa
  • Private Sponsor Cases 2
  • Hajj 1441H for 20 Days
    Hajj 1441H for 40 Days


HAJ 1441

All Intending Mumineen Hujjaj
All Over Pakistan

This is to inform to all intending Hujjaj for 1441H (2020) that the Government of Saudi Arabia has imposed a condition that all ...

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